Vintage Lights for sale

We have a gorgeous range of genuine vintage lighting for sale. We have a large lighting showroom open in Bristol and we also have an online store.

Once restored and tested we sell our vintage lighting through both the website and our showroom. Please be aware that most of the vintage lighting we have available is bespoke and unique. Often we only have one or two available and once sold it would be almost impossible for us to find the exact same light.

We take a great amount of care when sourcing our genuine vintage lighting. We supply beautiful authentic pieces with loads of history which have then been lovingly restored. No expense is spared during the restoration process of our lighting and we pride ourselves in uncompromised workmanship. Each fitting is finished to the highest standard as if the boss himself was planning on taking it home. We have gained a reputation throughout the industry for delivering extraordinary vintage lighting which will transform any interior design adding history and character to the space.

Some of our most exiting pieces have included a genuine missile casing which we turned into a feature floor light.

A mid century gumball sweet machine into which we fitted a custom rotary dimmer behind the old turn-key.

And our famous railway sleeper light. This was hollowed out by hand to reduce the weight and we hand forged the metal fixings to support this beautiful feature pendant light. Inspired by a lighting design we had undertaken in an old Barn conversion in North Wales this light sits in our lighting showroom to show our workmanship and the quality of our finished work.

If you have a requirement for the unusual and love vintage lighting then we would love to hear from you. We have a wealth of contacts from across Europe and the USA and would be happy to discuss any lighting project big or small. Our team of restoration experts always enjoys a challenge and it is widely acknowledged that if we cannot do it then it cannot be done.

superpup mole richardson vintage light fitting
vintage gumball machine light
patt123 vintage theatre stage light

Use the form to contact me online or you can call me at Ablectrics on 0117 9425355

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restored vintage fire exstinguisher
vintage rocket light
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